Episode eight: Healthy eating and the UK supply chain during a pandemic

Posted: 22 April 2020 | | No comments yet

In this second COVID-19-focused podcast, New Food’s Bethan Grylls hears from three food experts who talk health, nutrition and the UK supply chain.

“Healthy eating is just as important as social distancing”…that’s according to three experts, who wrote to the UK government requesting that an urgent campaign which promotes the benefits of a healthy diet be enacted. 

But, as Brits are faced with likely shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables, getting all the nutrition we require, may prove tricky if the UK does not prepare itself. 

In this podcast, New Food’s Editor hears from Erik Millstone, one of the author’s of the letter about why he believes healthy eating and preparation for shortages hold such importance.

We are also joined by Carol Lever, director of the Free Range Dairy Network, who has long been encouraging consumers to shop local. With meat, eggs and dairy stocks still low in supermarkets, Lever points to alternatives such as shopping at the farm-gate, and offers her views on the UK’s reliance on imports.

While our third guest, Paul Simpson, co-founder of Food Circle Supermarket, offers his opinion from a retail perspective, and gives advice for independents on how to survive during these difficult times. 

This is the second podcast in our special COVID-19 series – keep an eye out for more coming soon – and listen to the first here.

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