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Maximising mass spectrometry capabilities in food analyses for multiresidues

ON-DEMAND | By Waters

About this webinar Routine testing laboratories continue to strive for efficient and reliable sample throughput. Multiresidue pesticides is an example of this, where the generic extraction offered by QuEChERS has streamlined sample preparation. However, for comprehensive pesticide testing, both liquid and gas chromatography are typically required. During this webinar, Waters…


The Sins of Seafood

ON-DEMAND | By Agilent

With seafood and aquaculture being the most valuable and highest traded commodity in the world, it’s an industry which inevitably is the most susceptible to fraud...

ON-DEMAND Agilent Technologies veterinary drugs webinar

Analysis of veterinary drugs in meat with UHPLC-MS/MS

ON-DEMAND | By Agilent Technologies

This webinar provided a complete solution including sample extraction using the Enhanced matrix removal (EMR)-Lipid along with a rapid and robust quantitative method using UHPLC-MS/MS for >100 veterinary drugs targeted by the USDA in meat...

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