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Episode 36: Would you eat an insect?

10 February 2023 | By

New Food's Joshua Minchin and Grace Galler speak to Dr Jessica Danaher about using insects as a source of alternative protein and why it could be a sustainable solution for our protein demands.

Episode 34: The best of 2022

21 December 2022 | By

Joshua Minchin and Grace Galler pick out their highlights of 2022, including their favourite episodes, favourite interviews, and far too long spent discussing Josh's sausage casserole.

Episode 27 – Ethical supply chains

13 July 2022 | By

The New Food editorial team are talking ethics in this week's episode, as they speak to Paul Williams of Princes Group to find out how the manufacturer is keeping its supply chains ethical.

Episode 26 – The history of the potato

20 June 2022 | By

The New Food editorial team take you on another historical journey - this time to 1800s Ireland as they seek to find out what caused the potato famine and ask whether it could have been prevented.