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The fight against food crime

27 February 2020 | By

From fake booze to adulterated tuna; Ron McNaughton, Head of Food Standards Scotland’s Food Crime and Incidents Unit, explains how it is working with partners worldwide in the fight against food crime.

An open mind

25 February 2020 | By

The UK’s first insect bread aims to provide consumers with a sustainable protein alternative. New Food’s Editor, Bethan Grylls, investigates.

Determining ingredient authenticity

25 February 2020 | By

Ahead of his presentation at Food Integrity 2020, Bart Ingredients’ Head of Food Defence, Gideon Ashworth, outlines the company’s approach to ensuring authenticity of ingredients across the supply chain.

The future of protein

24 February 2020 | By

The meat-free movement has changed the protein market for good. Dr Wayne Martindale, Associate Professor, Food Insights and Sustainability at the University of Lincoln, tells all.

Ensuring the safety of THC dosage in CBD oils

20 February 2020 | By , , , , ,

There is debate over whether CBD oils offer health benefits, which can be attributed to its rising popularity. But the assessment of CBD oils is a complex task, particularly due to the potential for oils to contain undeclared traces of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Six experts from the University of Chemistry and Technology,…

Life as a woman working in science

20 February 2020 | By

Following International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020, New Food hears from Dr Kavita Karnik, Vice President, Global Nutrition and Open Innovation at Tate & Lyle, as she describes what it is like as a woman working in science.

Article: Have you booked for Food Integrity 2020?

19 February 2020 | By

As the food and beverage industry is confronted with widespread change that has revealed new challenges and the need for urgent improvement, it is imperative that we look for ways to create a safer, more trustworthy supply chain.

Are consumer beer drinking habits changing?

18 February 2020 | By

FMCG Gurus’ Will Cowling explains how the recent trend of health and indulgence must be reflected in the alcohol industry, but questions whether beer drinkers are actually changing their consumption habits.