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The May Contain Consultation

14 January 2022 | By

What is the May Contain Consultation and why are we encouraging businesses to respond to the March deadline? Ben Rayer from the FSA’s Food Hypersensitivity Team explains.

Pesticides: why, how and what?

14 January 2022 | By

Is it a legal requirement, public safety or public perception? In this article, Buddhi Dias tackles the common reasons for testing food for pesticides, as well as what you should expect from a testing laboratory.

The scheme to rewild Britain is wildly off the mark

13 January 2022 | By

Professor Chris Elliott offers his thoughts on the rewild scheme, which will see £800 million go to landowners to plant trees and restore wetlands, but there are fears that this will cause serious food security issues and even put small farms out of business.

Keeping up with COP

11 January 2022 | By

Dr Vincent Walsh, circular and regenerative food system consultant and founder of the plant-based food brand, Herblabism, reflects on the sustainability challenges facing the food industry in the wake of COP26.

How locavores can improve global food systems

10 January 2022 | By

Locavores believe in eating locally grown/produced food, but is this the most sustainable choice? Biosystems engineer, Lisa De Vellis examines how locavores and global food producers can happily coexist for the benefit of us all.