Get set for Brexit – see the full line up for Food Brexit, chaired by the John Pienaar

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With less than a week to go, time is running out to catch food business experts putting their heads together over the challenges of Brexit.


IT'S COMPLICATED: The best place to be is prepared.

Seven months on from Theresa May signing off on Article 50, thus beginning the two-year process of Britain leaving the European Union, we are arguably no clearer about what that might actually mean than we were when we woke to the news in June 2016. Uncertainty dogs every nook and cranny of the nation’s economy, and certainly nowhere more so than in the food and drink industry. 

Our event in London on Tuesday October 31 sets out to rub away some of the murk and jargon surrounding Brexit. We want to give a stage to people who know what they are talking about, know the industry from the farm to the plate and every step along the way. Which ever way talks go, this is your chance to get prepared for Britain’s future.

John Pienaar

John Pienaar, will be chairing Food Brexit. He said: “With the inconclusive negotiations leading Brexit, and the unknown implications on the food and beverage industry, conferences such as this are crucial for the industry to join together, discuss, debate and plan for all eventual outcomes.

“The expert array of speakers are here to help provide in-sight, share their expertise, and offer support and guidance for your organisation, enabling you to prepare for the first stages of Brexit.”

The full line up – scrolling finger at the ready…

Food Brexit: Time to get real

  • Erik Millstone, Professor of Science Policy, University of Sussex.
  • Terry Marsden, Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University.

Panel Discussion: Mitigating the risk of the staffing crisis across the F&B industry

  • Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association.
  • Julia Long, National Officer for Food, UNITE.
  • Meurig Raymond, President NFU.
  • Andrew Keeble, Founder & Managing Director, HECK!
  • Professor Carol Wagstaff, Director, AgriFood Training Partnership.

Food safety and quality: Mind the gap – EU & UK standards post-Brexit

  • Andrew Jarvis, Executive Director, ICF.
  • Caroline Drummond MBE, Chief Executive, LEAF.

Case study: The view of the exporter

  • Tara McCarthy, CEO, Bord Bia.

Life after Brexit: Challenges & opportunities for the Irish food industry

  • Kevin Buckley, Manager, European Food FDI, Enterprise Ireland.

Case study session: Brexit, the supply chain, and border controls

  • Kevin Zwolinski, Founder and Principal, Click on Logistics Ltd.
  • Paul Kelly, Director, Food Drink Ireland.

Panel discussion: Brexit: Clamping down on your exposure to fraud

  • Eoghan Daly, Manager Forensic and Counter Fraud Services, Crowe Clark Whitehill.
  • Peter Whelan, Director Audit and Compliance, FSAI.
  • John Points, Consultant Analytical Scientist, John Points Consulting Ltd.
  • Robert Philips, Head of Food Fraud Unit, Welsh Food Fraud Co-ordination Unit.

Panel discussion: Managing a WTO reality in a no deal scenario

  • Katie Doherty, Policy Director, The International Meat Trade Association.
  • Peter Hardwick, Head of Exports, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.
  • Lord Robin Teverson, Chairman, House of Lords Select Committee, EU Food & Agriculture.

Case study: The primary producer’s view

  • Meurig Raymond, President, NFU

Panel debate: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: The voice of the regions

  • Nick Allen, Chief Executive, British Meat Processors Association.
  • Peter Whelan, Director Audit and Compliance, FSAI.
  • Archie Gibson, Chairman, Scottish Food and Drink Federation.
  • Terry Marsden, Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University.

To see the whole programme and reserve your spot, click here.

We look forward to seeing you.