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Dairy – In-Depth Focus 2019

20 June 2019 | By

Our Dairy In-Depth Focus features Dr Maryanne Drake of North Carolina State University as she explores reducing sugar techniques in products such as ice cream, yoghurt, and flavoured milk.

The uptake of dairy alternatives: mooving on from milk

5 June 2019 | By

Where dairy once reigned supreme, modern consumers now increasingly choose an alternative. Ashley Pollock, Senior Innovation Consultant at Ayming, looks at our evolving milk preferences and offers suggestions on how the dairy and alternatives industries might navigate a steady course to ensure a place in our future diets.

What’s driving the growth of the cheese ingredients market?

30 May 2019 | By ,

Cheese ingredients include various constituents of cheese such as milk, cultures, enzymes, emulsifiers, acids, preservatives, colours, flavours, and cheese salts. The growth of the cheese ingredients market is directly driven by the cheese industry. A report indicates that rapid growth in the fast-food industry is expected to increase the demand…