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The uptake of dairy alternatives: mooving on from milk

5 June 2019 | By

Where dairy once reigned supreme, modern consumers now increasingly choose an alternative. Ashley Pollock, Senior Innovation Consultant at Ayming, looks at our evolving milk preferences and offers suggestions on how the dairy and alternatives industries might navigate a steady course to ensure a place in our future diets.

The Quality Monitoring Tool for Every Brewer’s Tool Kit

4 April 2019 | By

Anecdotes from craft brewing booms of the past (c.1997) identify poor quality as a root problem leading to market contraction. While overall quality is shaped by a bevy of factors (ingredients, process, tools, and sheer artistry of the brewmaster), one common element of outstanding craft brewers who survived the bust…

Best measuring results with 80GHz

20 March 2019 | By

In 2016, VEGA Grieshaber KG introduced to the market the first radar level gauge for liquids that operates at a frequency of 80 GHz. With its amazingly small antenna system, the new VEGAPULS 64 has proven to be ideal for use in vessels with small process connections, such as those…