60 Second News – 6 May 2022

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The New Food team give you your rapid food and beverage update in just 60 seconds.

Famous food manufacturing company Kellogg’s is challenging the UK Government in a legal battle, over a dispute around how the nutritional value of cereal is measured. 

Rules are set to come into force in England this October which aim to regulate food and drink that is high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS). The regulations — part of a government drive to tackle childhood obesity — will restrict where certain types of food are displayed within supermarkets or on their websites, and will also ban multibuy promotions of foods deemed HFSS. However, Kellogg’s argues that the regulations are unlawful because the nutritional value of breakfast cereals will be assessed by dry weight as sold, rather than how they are eaten. The brand is contending that the sugar content of its cereals should be measured after milk is added.

Meanwhile, obesity rates in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region have risen greatly in the last few years, the organisation said in a new report, with 60 percent of adults in the region registering as overweight or obese.

The report states that nearly two thirds of adults, and almost one in three children – 29 per cent of boys and 27 per cent of girls – are either overweight or obese.

Lastly,the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) has announced the expansion of its Upcycled Certified programme into Canada after seeing “extraordinary success” in the US market.

The company states that “consumers are more aware of their environmental impact than ever…and are keen to reduce food waste”. In addition to this, according to Project Drawdown, eliminating food waste is the most effective act people can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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