Food Integrity: A message from the Chair

Professor Chris Elliott explains why the industry should join together on 19-23 April for the virtual conference.

“I don’t think there’s been a more important time to talk about the integrity of our global food supply system.” – Professor Chris Elliott

Professor Elliott joins Food Integrity as our conference Chair. The event (19-23 April 2021) will bring together more than 1000 delegates from across the world to discuss and debate the latest issues in the industry. Sessions include:

  • Maintaining Integrity in the Pandemic Era
  • COVID-19: The Past, Present and Future
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability & Authenticity
  • How to Protect Brand Integrity during a Product Recall
  • Regulating to Increase Integrity
  • Embracing Technology and Gaining Consumer Trust
  •  Lab Testing – Understanding What and Why
  • How Ethical is your Supply Chain?
  •  Improving the Reliability of Microbiological Testing
  • Fake News under the Microscope
  • Effective Allergen Management
  • The Top Must-Haves in a Lab Partner
  • The Biggest Challenges and Solutions in Food Fraud and Analysis
  • The Rise of Cannabis, CBD & Hemp
  • Finding a Cannabis Expert
  • Brewing and Beverages: The Trends, Challenges & Resilience

If you haven’t already, you can download the agenda here

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