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New product development (NPD)



The best of alcohol, but without the headache

5 April 2023 | By

The brainchild of successful food industry entrepreneurs Mark Gould and Mike Bagshaw, Citizen Spritz was born from the desire to moderate their own alcohol intake. Here, Co-founder and owner of I.T.S International Taste Solutions Mike Bagshaw divulges more on the brand’s genesis and highlights what sets them apart in the…


Plant-based NPD? Don’t jump the gun…

28 March 2023 | By , , ,

Faba bean protein is an ingredient that’s recently garnered much attention for its meat-comparable sensory attributes and in the ever-evolving plant-based market, brands are naturally keen to innovate. In their race to cater to consumer demands, however, colleagues from Campden BRI and plant-based food producer Upfield caution product developers to consider…