Chris Elliott to take over New Food Twitter in LIVE debate on food fraud!

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New Food is hosting a live Twitter debate on 23 October 2019 at 3pm BST to discuss: ‘What’s the hardest type of food fraud to detect?”


As part of Food Integrity 2020New Food is hosting a LIVE Twitter debate on 23 October 2019 at 3pm BST.

Professor Chris Elliott of Queen’s University, Belfast, will be taking over our account to discuss and debate food fraud challenges with our followers. The question….‘What is the hardest type of food fraud to detect?’

Chris Elliott“Food fraud is occurring all over the world and the scale and ingenuity of some of this fraudulent activity is quite astounding,” Prof Elliott told New Food. “There are considerable worldwide efforts being made to combat criminal activity in supply chains, but it is likely that we are yet to fully comprehend all the ways in which food fraud manifests. What is clear is that there is no single technique that is capable of detecting all of the different ways it takes place.

“In terms of the advances in scientific methods there has been great progress via the employment of untargeted methods which can fingerprint foods. But what about the types of food fraud where science still struggles, where the right technique is yet to be determined? For example, organic fraud, which is very difficult to prove using just analysis,” he stressed. “So, my question is, do we need to explore other methods to detect and deter against such abuses? I would like to know your thoughts and discuss how we really stop people cheating when science can’t provide the solutions.”

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