Food Integrity Global to gather industry titans in Amsterdam

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This year, New Food’s Food Integrity Global conference will be taking place in the heart of Europe! Be the first to find out speakers here…

Food Integrity Global 2024

Food Integrity Global, the preeminent event for thought leaders in the food and beverage industry, is back for 2024 – and this year it’s coming to Europe!

Taking place at the Steigenberger Hotel in Amsterdam 10-11 September, this flagship event will gather industry pioneers and experts to address pivotal issues shaping the future of food safety and integrity.

Attendees can expect a diverse range of insightful sessions, featuring key speakers such as Professor Chris Elliott, Sarah Jeromson (Food Safety Manager, Walmart), Jorge Hernandez (Vice President Quality Assurance, Wendy’s), Roberto Buttini (Vice President Global Quality & Food Safety, Barilla), and Abigail Stevenson (Chief Science Officer, Mars).

One of the prominently featured sessions will be the 45-minute panel discussion on “Emerging Food Safety Threats.” Our expert panel will analyse the most pressing food safety threats facing the food and beverage industry in the coming years. Global environmental changes, advancements in biotechnology, and shifts in consumer behaviours will be explored, offering a comprehensive understanding of potential risks related to food safety, disease outbreaks, and supply chain vulnerabilities. The panel aims to provide actionable insights and innovations necessary to fortify food integrity in the years to come.

The Food Integrity Global Post-Event Report

“Cultured Meat: Future or Fad?” is another significant session that will critically examine the role of lab-grown meat in shaping the future of food. This panel will discuss the viability and sustainability of cultivated meat as a food solution into the future. The discussion will also address consumer acceptance, regulatory challenges, and the potential impact on traditional meat industries, offering a balanced perspective on the feasibility and future prospects of this emerging trend.

Food Integrity Global will feature a distinguished lineup of speakers across various sessions, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of topics crucial to the food and beverage industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and challenges. Secure one of the limited free passes for Food Integrity Global 2024 now to ensure you’re in the room for one of the most important food events of the year.

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