Recall Roundup: Foreign objects and undeclared allergens

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In this instalment of Recall Roundup, we highlight food recalls in the UK and US including a popular chocolate being recalled due to it containing pieces of rubber.

Recall roundup:

Foreign objects

In the UK, Mars Wrigley UK is recalling various Revels® products as they may contain pieces of small rubber.  

One of the products being recalled is “Revels® More to Share” which comes in a pack size of 205g and has the batch code 344G2SLO00, 345B1SLO00. The best before dates to look out for are 27 October 2024, 03 November 2024 and 10 November 2024.

Additionally, the “Revels® Pouch” is also being recalled, which comes in a pack size of 112g. The batch codes to look out for are: 344E1SLO00, 344E2SLO00, 344F1SLO00, 344F2SLO00, 345D2SLO00, 345E1SLO00, 345E2SLO00, 345F2SLO00, 345G1SLO00, 346C1SLO00. The best before dates associated with this recall are: 27 October 2024, 03 November 2024, and 10 November 2024.

Finally, the “Revels® Treat Bag” (price marked pack) is being recalled. It comes in a pack size of 71g and has the batch code 344G2SLO00. The best before dates involved in this recall are 27 October 2024, 03 November 2024 and 10 November 2024.

As well as recalling the above products, Mars Wrigley UK has issued a recall notice to its customers to explain why the products are being recalled.

Advice to consumers that have purchased any of the recalled products states that they should keep the product and contact Mars Wrigley Consumer Care team.

Undeclared allergens

Meanwhile in the US, New India Bazar, Milpitas, CA is recalling various Maggi 2 Minute Noodles as they may peanuts that are not mentioned on the label.

The products being recalled include 2,400 packets of Maggi 2 Minute Noodles 280g and 1,200 packets Maggi 2 Minute Noodles in a 560g bag.

FSA urges consumers not to buy fake Wonka and Prime bars

To view the full list of retail stores the noodles were distributed to, click this link.

The product comes in a yellow plastic pouch and has the specific name “Maggie 2 Minute Noodles” on the label. The 280 grams packaging has an expiration date of December 2023, while the 560g bag has an expiration date of January 2024. The lot codes to look out for are 31159939CA and 4354M56.

The company claims that “so far no illnesses have been reported to this date”.

Those that have purchased the recalled products have been urged to return it to the store of purchase for a full refund.

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