New launches in the food and beverage industry: April 2022

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New launches this month include a whole host of desserts, including a dairy-free cheesecake and lactose-free ice cream.

What's New?

Pimentae Drinks has launched its second drink following the success of its inaugural drink last year. The eco-friendly company claims to be the first UK brand to sell tequila in refillable eco containers. The bottles have been designed exclusively to encourage upcycling as a brand “committed to being 100 percent sustainable”. 

Also in the UK, a new range of chickpea-based puffed snacks has launched this month. Airsnax are vegan, gluten-free, high in fibre and protein, low calorie, and – according to the brand – “tasty and satisfying”.  The company adds that the product meets “the growing demand for nutritious, tasty and convenient savoury snacks”, appealing to consumers with a ‘think before you buy’ mentality, who look at nutritional content, enjoy plant-based foods, or balance their diets with gluten-free, low-calorie foods.

Another company hoping to create a healthy alternative to a traditional food item is The Naturist. In an attempt to produce a meat alternative that is healthy for the planet and its inhabitants alike, Estonian start-up company, The Naturist, has partnered with a research facility that has dedicated the past two decades to developing the perfect formula for a hemp-based meat alternative called ‘Crump’. The product was launched earlier this month because, as the company words it, the food industry, particularly meat production, has “long been a sustained source of controversy for its unsustainable, growing negative impact on the global environment”. This product is “cleaner and greener”, according to The Naturist.

As well as savoury food, there have been a number of sweet treats that have launched this month.

Boston based Beckon Ice Cream, a lactose-free ice cream brand has released its range in various states throughout the US. Whilst in the UK, Over The Spoon – a dairy-free dessert company – has launched a new dairy-free cheesecake. The vegan salted caramel cheesecake is available in select supermarkets throughout the country. “Salted Caramel Cheesecake is one of the UK’s bestselling dessert flavours. Our strategy is to gazump chilled dairy desserts by making the swap uncompromising on the nation’s favourites,” said Tim Wild, UK Managing Director of the brand.

Meanwhile, famous ice cream company, Häagen-Dazs, has released its City Sweets collection. Described by the brand as a “playfully indulgent collection of flavours”, the range is inspired by iconic street food desserts of New York City. 

Finally, Nuccy, a company claiming to be the UK’s first range of adaptogenic nut butters, has landed. The range is naturally vegan and palm oil free, and includes three flavours, each including Ashwagandha, an adaptogen the company states is “recognised as a natural aid for both the mind and immune system”. Each sugar-free spread comes in recyclable glass jars with home compostable labels.

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