60 Second News – 18 March 2022

Posted: 18 March 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team gives you your rapid food and beverage update in 60 seconds.

This week Burger King launched a plant-based restaurant in London’s Leicester Square. It’s the first time the company has launched a meat-free location, and it follows the introduction of more vegan items on their menus. The new store will be open for a limited time.

In other news, researchers have found out why yoghurt may be able to lower the risk of type two diabetes, and further discovered that it may even help lower the risk of certain other diseases.

And finally, an antimicrobial-resistant gene has been found by university researchers in the state of Georgia. The gene causes bacteria to be resistant to one of the world’s most important antibiotics, but this new discovery could help control it.


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