60 Second News – 28 January 2022

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The New Food editorial team deliver your 60 second update of all the latest news from the food and beverage industry.

The Food Sustainability Index of 2021 was launched this week, assessing the food-system sustainability of 78 countries. Places that excelled in the three pillars of sustainability listed include Japan and Sweden.

 PepsiCo Europe has announced that by 2030, it plans to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in all its crisp and chip bags. This will apply to brands including Walkers, Doritos, and Lay’s and will be delivered by using 100 percent recycled or renewable plastic in its packets.

And finally, a new chewing gum that stops sugar cravings has been created by start-up company, Sweet Victory Gum. Within two minutes of chewing this specialised gum, the manufacturer claims sugar receptors on the tongue are blocked causing sweet products to taste bland or even sour. The effects of the gum can last up to two hours.Sweet V

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