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FoodIntegrity 2016: The New Food Review

15 April 2016 | By Stephanie Anthony, Editor, New Food

Held in Prague over 6-7th April, New Food was proud to be a media partner to this important event; the 3rd meeting of the FoodIntegrity project.

The food waste challenge

14 April 2016 | By Monica Jacobsonn, Content Manager at Happy To Survive

Here Monica Jacobsonn, lifestyle blogger and Content Manager at Happy To Survive, discusses the challenge food waste poses to households and manufacturers...

Edible food coatings – just a trend or the future?

9 April 2016 | By ,

Why throw away the packaging? Let’s eat it! Food packaging development has undergone a research renaissance. Edible films and coatings that are directly consumed with the food are now in the service of modern food preservation systems, as a result of the lifestyle changes of consumers. The imagined scenario involves,…

On the challenges facing the food industry in recruitment

1 April 2016 | By Nicole Gallace, FoodGrads

Recruitment is an area that poses some major challenges to the food industry. In this article, Nicole Gallace discusses these challenges and the opportunities available in the food industry...

Adding the time dimension to taste

30 March 2016 | By Silvia Peleteiro, Leatherhead Food Research

In this article, Silvia Peleteiro guides you through a set of methodologies called temporal methods which measures the sensory profile of a product as it changes over time...

Putting sustainable protein on the dinner table

8 March 2016 | By Simon Billings, Principal Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

How are we going to feed 9 billion people enough protein by 2040, in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for the environment? In this blog piece, Simon Billings calls on industry to join The Protein Challenge 2040 to transform the future of protein...

Expert Focus: Prof Chris Elliott, Queen’s University Belfast

3 March 2016 | By Stephanie Anthony, Editor, New Food

We look at the work of Prof Chris Elliott, Queen’s University Belfast. Chris will be discussing food fraud in the New Food webinar “Addressing complex and critical food integrity issues using the latest analytical technologies”...

Combatting food waste with effective waste management

29 February 2016 | By Paul Needham, Managing Director, Wastecycle

Here, Paul Needham, Managing Director for Wastecycle, discusses how food manufacturers and retailers can combat food waste by better managing the waste being produced...

Issue #1 2016 – Digital version

22 February 2016 | By

In this issue: Fats & Oils, Water Quality, Food Grade Lubricants, Infant Nutrition, Pasta Processing, Regulation, Food Analysis, Fish Processing, Clean Label, NIR, and much more...

Food Grade Lubricants supplement 2016

22 February 2016 | By New Food

In this Food Grade Lubricants supplement: EHEDG guideline provides keys to a well-oiled operation; Change and habits; Industry Roundtable...

Food Analysis supplement 2016

22 February 2016 | By New Food

Articles in this Food Analysis supplement: Next Generation Sequencing in the food industry; Food fraud and developments in rapid detection; Analytical governance in the food industry.

Why the UK’s coconut oil industry is heating up

22 February 2016 | By Emma Woods, Technical Manager, Phoenix Speciality Oils

The rise in popularity of cold pressed coconut oil has been one of the UK food industry’s great recent success stories. However this food oil, and the manufacturing challenges it presents, are unlike any other.

The importance of water quality for distilleries

22 February 2016 | By Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller, Jack Daniel’s

The founder of the Jack Daniel Distillery, Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel, was known for his belief that “every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can”. This tradition continues to guide the way that Jack Daniel’s makes its Tennessee whiskey. Resource conservation has been part of this…

Infant Nutrition: The first 1000 days and the long-term impact on health

22 February 2016 | By Rosie Long, Nutrition Graduate, Nestlé UK

It has been recognised by health experts, that the first 1000 days – from conception to a child’s second birthday – is a critical window of opportunity to influence the future health outcomes1 . This critical period is the most influential time in a young child’s life, their behaviours and…