Issue #5 2016 – Digital version

Posted: 14 October 2016 | | 2 comments

In this issue: Distilling; Water Contaminants; Coffee Processing; Brewing Supplement; Future Protein; Food Fraud; Allergens; Ingredients Supplement; Novel Technology; Sustainability; Hygiene; and much more…

New Food magazine - Issue #5 2016

Read the digital version of Issue #5 2016…

  • BEVERAGES: The global diversity of distilled spirits
    Paul Hughes, Assistant Professor of Distilling, Oregon State University
  • CONTAMINANTS: Emerging contaminants in the water we drink
    Dr. Ulrich Kreuter, Technical Manager, NSF
  • COFFEE PROCESSING: The process of coffee production: from seed to cup
    Rudy Caretti, Company Director, Gimoka Coffee
    Graham G. Stewart, Heriot-Watt University discusses the industrial uses of yeast with regards to brewing and distilling, and Caitlin E. Devor from Hiroshima University enlightens us about the
    science of sake. We also have a show preview of BrauBeviale 2016
  • FUTURE PROTEIN: The journey to sustainable protein for the future
    Ivana Gazibara, Head of Futures, Forum for the Future
  • FOOD FRAUD: Food incidents: lessons from the past and anticipating the future
    Andrew Hudson, Head of Food Microbiology, Miles Thomas, Head of Knowledge Solutions, Paul Brereton, Co-ordinator for Agri-Food Research, Fera Science Ltd
  • ALLERGENS: Making sense of allergens; a confusing path from product to consumer
    Ioana Lock, Food Allergen Researcher
    Supercritical fluid extraction and application of bio active ingredients from plant materials is the topic from Nishant R Swami Hulle, Anand Agricultural University and his team. And Lynn Cornish of Acadian Seaplants Limited writes on the nutritional properties of seaweed
  • TECHNOLOGY: Innovating under pressure – the influence of soft factors in the diffusion of novel technologies
    Ariette Matser, Senior Scientist UR Food & Biobased Research, Bob Mulder, Lecturer Strategic Communication, Maaike Spuij, Sub-department Communication, Philosophy and Technology, Wageningen University
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Upgrading sustainability with Industrial Biotechnology
    Ana Galindo García, R&D Researcher, Leitat Technological Centre
  • HYGIENE: Metal detectable plastics use in cleaning tools and utensils
    Debra Smith, Global Hygiene Specialist, Vikan

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