Asda signs agreement to deliver sustainable sourcing commitments

Posted: 24 April 2023 | | No comments yet

Asda has signed up to the LEAF Marque certification system, an independent third-party verification for sustainable farming practices.


Supermarket giant Asda has signed up for the global LEAF Marque Environmental Assurance System, a certification that the retailer will use across its UK fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hoping that the LEAF Marque certification will help to “strengthen its environmental standards”, Asda has highlighted that the system provides independent, third-party verification around core areas of sustainable farming practice.

The system focuses on soil and water management, energy efficiency, waste management, carbon sequestration, energy use and enrichment of biodiversity. Asda has noted that it offers growers a framework to aid them in monitoring their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and set targets for improvement across the whole farm.

Asda has committed to all of its UK-based fresh produce achieving LEAF Marque certification by May 2024 and has said that this will be extended to worldwide suppliers by the end of 2025.

 “We have always known that we couldn’t go on this journey alone, so it is fantastic to work in tandem with LEAF and our valued fresh produce suppliers who are committed to continually improving and making a difference,” said Jane Berry, Vice President and Managing Director of IPL (a company that sources produce on behalf of Asda).

“We know that the climate and ecosystem emergency is at the forefront of our customers’ minds, but many are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. We are determined to aim high and do all we can to support them during this time, without losing sight of our responsibilities to offer greener choices that don’t cost the earth,” continued Berry.

Speaking on behalf of LEAF Marque, Clare Mike, Director of Business Development at LEAF, added: “With sustainability becoming increasingly important to consumers and the green agenda taking root, it’s great to see Asda setting ambitious goals. Overwhelmingly, their willingness to embrace change and adapt to challenges signals a time of transformation and positive change.

“Together with the determination and commitment of their growers, we are making real and lasting differences to addressing the climate emergency and the sustainability of the world’s farming and food systems.”

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