HelloFresh lands in Spain

Posted: 17 November 2022 | | No comments yet

Meal kit company Hello Fresh has launched in Spain and says it will use 100 percent Spanish raised beef, chicken and pork in its meal kits.


HelloFresh has launched in Spain under the name HelloFresh SE. This expansion marks the company’s 19th market and is something it has said acts as an important step in its global strategy.

Following the company setting up shop in Japan and Ireland earlier in 2022, as well as HelloFresh Group’s Green Chef brand launching in the Netherlands earlier this year, Thomas Griesel, co-founder and CEO of HelloFresh has said that the company’s “thorough analysis has shown that the Spanish market is ready for meal kits.

“We are convinced that the country will allow us to expand our total addressable market, which has been key to our growth.”

With a market of 18.6 million households, HelloFresh hopes that its meal kits will be well received by Spanish consumers so that it can “define the sector”.

HelloFresh SE will serve the Spanish mainland, as well as Mallorca  from the initial launch date (17 November 2022) and will deliver multiple days a week.

Promising to provide a “new cooking experience” using “fresh, local ingredients”, HelloFresh is aiming to bring more convenience to Spanish households.

The company will be operating a fulfilment centre in Madrid and a newly opened office location in Barcelona. What’s more, it claims to have established close relationships with Spanish supplies to serve Spanish customers with local ingredients.

Starting from the launch date, HelloFresh endeavours to provide 100 percent Spanish raised beef, chicken and pork from farmers who have GSFI-recognised IFS and/or Global GAP certifications.

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