Several salmonella recalls, choking hazard, and undeclared milk alert update

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New Food brings you an update of recent recalls issued in North America and the UK.

Recall roundup:

Salmonella contamination

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers to discard all onions in HelloFresh parcels received from 8 May through to 31 July 2020. This is due to one of the company’s ingredients suppliers conducting a voluntary recall due to the possible presence of salmonella bacteria.

To check whether you have been impacted, product codes (located on the bottom square of shipping labels) can be checked and cross referenced with the table here.  

The FDA also urges consumers to take extra cautions in disinfecting and sanitising surfaces and containers which may have come in direct contact with these products.

“In the event that the onions have been consumed, please note that thoroughly cooking the product to 165ºF/74ºC, as instructed by the recipe, will kill the salmonella bacteria,” the FDA reassures.

HelloFresh has issued an apology, stating that public safety is their “highest priority” and that its onions will no longer be sourced from that supplier.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Lidl GB has recalled Deluxe Dark Chocolate Muesli Bar with Brazils and Cranberries due to concerns that the product might contain salmonella. The products affected are pack size is 3 x 45g with the following best before dates end of: August 2020, September 2020, October 2020, December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021.

The Paleo Foods Co. and Hand2Mouth Ltd are also both recalling products due to fears of salmonella contamination. The items affected are Cocoa & Hazelnut Grain-Free Granola containing Brazil nuts by Paleo Foods Co. and various products containing Brazil nuts from Hand2Mouth Ltd.

The granola comes in a 285g pack and a 6 x 285g pack with the following best before dates: August 2020, September 2020, October 2020, November 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021.

The various products being recalled by Hand2Mouth are linked to FSA-PRIN-37-2020 and FSA-PRIN-38-2020. Product details can be found here.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has also reported on a salmonella case. Prima Wawona, located in Fresno, California, has recalled fresh peaches with various brand names due to possible contamination. Several importers in Canada are conducting a recall of the affected products.

The CFIA has stated that “Peaches with the same PLU numbers and that are Product of Canada are not affected”. Further details of affected products can be accessed here.

If you are experiencing symptoms, including fever, diarrhoea and/or nausea (among others), please seek help immediately.

Choking hazard

The CFIA has also reported that Summ! brand Chicken Gyoza Dumplings recalled due to pieces of bone. The following products have been affected: Chicken Gyoza Dumplings Sesame Ginger and Chicken Gyoza Dumplings (Steamed). Details of pack sizes, UPC and product codes can be found here.

Undeclared allergens

A recall issued by Kam Wah Resources Co. Ltd. on 30 June 2020 has been updated to include additional product information. These extra details were identified during the CFIA’s food safety investigation.

Kam Wah Resources Co. Ltd. is recalling OKF brand Rice Milk Original (size 500mL) from the marketplace because it contains milk which is not declared on the label. Further information can be found here.

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