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Application Brief: Solus One Salmonella for Raw Poultry and Meat

Posted: 1 September 2021 | | No comments yet

This application brief will highlight the Solus One Methodology for the testing of Raw Poultry & Meat.

Solus One Salmonella is a highly efficient assay for the next day detection of Salmonella in food and environmental samples. The immunoassay has been developed alongside dedicated selective enrichment media and can be automated using the Dynex DS2 for a complete pathogen detection system.

With 7 easy steps to run the assay protocol you can be assured that the test is simple and extremely user friendly.

This application brief specifically focuses on the AFNOR to ISO 16140 extension to scope of Raw Poultry and Meats.


  1. What can we detect within?
  2. The Application of Methodology
  3. The Certification
  4. Automation

Committed to food safety excellence, our assays bring significant productivity benefits to the labs that employ them. Our methods have been adopted by many labs around the globe, providing significant resource savings in comparison to alternate methods.

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