Featured Partnership: Challenges in meat pathogen detection – improving your food safety plan

Posted: 22 June 2021 | | No comments yet

To ensure that fluctuating sample demands can be met, while providing rapid, accurate results, it’s vital that manufacturers work with a testing facility to create an appropriate food safety plan.

Featured Partnership - PerkinElmer - Issue 3 2021

The priority is always consumer safety first and foremost, but foodborne illness outbreaks are something no brand wants to see in the headlines. A recall situation places a brand’s reputation at risk and creates an uphill battle they will face for the foreseeable future.

Raw and cooked meat products present daily challenges for manufacturers – from storing a variety of meats at the correct temperature, to proper butchering technique, sanitisation of the environment to prevent cross-contamination and, of course, ensuring meats have been cooked properly.

Despite extensive procedures in place to ensure food is safe during production, there can be a level of uncertainty in the
quality management if poor processes and methodologies are set up – we cannot guarantee with 100 percent certainty that the food produced is safe. For this reason, companies rely on pathogen detection solutions to give the security needed to protect their brands and the consumer.

Manufacturers must have confidence in their products before releasing food to the market. It is therefore essential that manufacturers work closely with their testing facility to ensure results are hitting satisfactory requirements, including time to result, as well as sensitivity and specificity.

Having the correct food safety plan – from accuracy to throughput – ensures manufacturers can prevent any unsafe product from reaching the consumer. This saves money, time, maintains brand reputation and consumer safety.

This article examines the challenges within meat testing facilities and their importance.

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