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Coronavirus’ impact on the food industry

14 February 2020 | By

The number of individuals infected with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to climb on a daily basis as does the number of deaths associated with it. Many of TAG's clients have asked what should be done to prepare for a growing number of cases in the United States.


BfR provides coronavirus food safety advice

7 February 2020 | By

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, a scientifically independent institution within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany, has offered advice about the recent outbreak of coronavirus with regards to food imports and food consumption.


Cleaning programmes and coronavirus control – what lessons have we learnt?

6 May 2021 | By

[…] of detergents commonly used in the food processing and food service industries, to include caustic, alkaline, neutral and acidic products. The detergents were tested against the human coronavirus strain HCoV-299E using the method of the European virucidal disinfectant test EN 14476, under dirty conditions, according to their recommended concentrations…


Food sector regulation: preventing coronavirus 2.0

25 March 2020 | By

[…] Hong Kong Flu (1 million | 1968 to 1969); and the 2009 Flu Pandemic (575,400 | 2009).  As of 23 March 2020, COVID-19 (commonly known as the coronavirus) ranks tenth on the death toll list since 1900, and has claimed approximately 16,500 lives. Considering this historical context (and with…


Why are meat factories a coronavirus hotspot?

29 June 2020 | By

We had the very unwelcome news over the past weeks that many hundreds of workers tested positive for coronavirus at a number of meat plants and abattoirs in Wales and England. This is not an issue restricted to the UK but has occurred in a number of other European countries,…


Coronavirus panic-buying: industry implications

9 March 2020 | By

Reports of panic-buying have been heard all across the globe and supermarkets are seeing products selling faster than ever before. Here, Dr Sylvain Charlebois explains that the panic-buying could have knock-on effects for the entire global supply chain and perhaps even present some opportunity.