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Dr. Sylvain Charlebois



Our plastic dilemma

8 January 2021 | By

With little knowledge of how COVID-19 transmits, consumers have returned to single-use plastics. Here, Dr Sylvain Charlebois looks at how food protection measures have been affected.


Canada’s food insecurity problem

7 July 2020 | By

Compared to just two years ago, StatsCan estimates that 512,000 more Canadian households feel food insecure because of COVID-19, with things predicted to get worse. Dr Sylvain Charlebois explores the challenges being experienced in Canada and the potential roads ahead.


Coronavirus panic-buying: industry implications

9 March 2020 | By

Reports of panic-buying have been heard all across the globe and supermarkets are seeing products selling faster than ever before. Here, Dr Sylvain Charlebois explains that the panic-buying could have knock-on effects for the entire global supply chain and perhaps even present some opportunity.