Episode Ten: Emerging hazards of the food industry

Posted: 27 May 2020 | | No comments yet

Listen to our latest episode, where New Food’s Bethan Grylls learns how the ingredients supplier and food testing lab are operating during these uncertain times.

We are living in a ‘new normal’, and this has highlighted a number of discrepancies and issues within our global food supply chain. As we proceed into an uncertain future, we must ensure that the gaps and concerns are addressed accordingly. 

In this latest podcast, Bethan Grylls speaks with Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence at Bart Ingredients, and Patrick McNamara, Technical Specialist Manager of Food Services at Intertek, who discuss life during COVID-19, including virtual audits, and the emerging food safety concerns to be aware of from the perspective of the ingredients supplier and the lab. 


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