What has been crowned Britain’s favourite supermarket?

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With several big players in the UK’s supermarket sector, what on has been names Britain’s favourite? Find out here…


According to YouGov polling data, Aldi is Britain’s favourite supermarket, ranking ahead of its “Big Four” rivals Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons.

Coming second to Aldi was Tesco, meanwhile in third place came Sainsbury’s and in fourth was ASDA.

The new polling data for Q4 2023 from YouGov comes following findings from Which?’s survey on the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket of the Year for 2023. Aldi took the crown from the Which? Survey in 2023, 2022 and 2021.

Results from the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket of the month for December 2023 by Which? revealed that a basket of 43 everyday items cost £10.38. Similar items were found to cost 14 percent more at the average Big Four supermarket than at Aldi, however this rose to 27 percent when shopping at Waitrose.

“We know that with the rising pressures of the cost of living, customers are looking for ways to save without having to compromise on the quality British food they love,” said Richard Thornton, Communications Director at Aldi.

“Aldi continues to offer great quality products at unbeatable prices, which is why we believe British shoppers have voted us the nation’s favourite supermarket yet again.”

Data shows millions in the UK have experienced food insecurity recently

With food inflation and the cost-of-living crisis to contend with, more UK consumers seem to be shopping at Aldi and in 2023 the discount supermarket attracted more than half a million additional customers.

But how will footfall fair this year as Aldi, maintaining its reputation for quality and affordability, faces ongoing challenges from competitors?

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