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Whitepapers & Application Notes

Infographic: Choose your HPLC detector

12 September 2022 | By

This infographic provides details about choosing the right detector for your routine quality control and compositional food testing liquid chromatography applications.

Application Note: Analysis of sugar alcohols and allulose

9 September 2022 | By

Overconsumption of sugar (sucrose) can lead to many health issues such as obesity, diabetes, dental diseases, and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). To support the reduction of these problems, many food and beverage manufacturers have reformulated or developed new products with sugar substitutes such as sugar alcohols (polyols) or allulose,

Application Note: Analysis of water-soluble vitamins and caffeine

8 September 2022 | By

A robust analytical method has been developed to detect and quantify 10 water-soluble vitamins and caffeine in multivitamin tablets and beverages. Arc HPLC-PDA combined with an XSelect HSS T3 XP Analytical Column enables the separation of 10 vitamins and caffeine in 16-minutes.