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Application note: Mettler-Toledo automates 360-degree label inspection

Find out how German food manufacturer Jürgen Langbein has automated 360-degree label inspection to efficiently reject incorrectly labelled jars

Advanced Vision Inspection at Jürgen Langbein GmbH

What can you do when product volumes are increasing, and visual inspection of labels is no longer practical?

Faced with this situation, gourmet soups and sauces manufacturer Jürgen Langbein knew it needed to find a technological solution that would guarantee every label is closely inspected, and incorrectly labelled jars removed from the production line in good time.

The solution was to automate label inspection: a V15 Round Line Vision Inspection system from Mettler-Toledo, which gives it the ability to perform efficient 360-degree product data inspection. This allows it to make quick and easy product changes.

An additional system – a V11 Oriented Line Vision Inspection system from Mettler-Toledo – performs label inspection of semi-automatically packed jars and canned goods, running at 70 products per minute. “Our production requirements have changed over time. At 170 jars per minute, we can’t guarantee that someone is looking closely at all the jars. For this reason, we needed an automated solution,” said Johannes Göttsche, deputy product manager at Jürgen Langbein. “We are really very satisfied with the equipment used and the co-operation so far.”   

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