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Whitepapers & Application Notes

Advanced mycotoxin testing system

19 February 2013 | By

ToxiMet has developed a platform technology that can be used by non-scientists and can be applied to the analysis of many substances in food safety and quality.

Achieving lean quality for food & beverage manufacturing efficiency

29 August 2012 | By

When choosing an RMM for your company, there are many factors to consider. It is critical to understand exactly what your company needs in order to perform most efficiently and effectively. When these factors drive the purchase decision, you will be able to implement the best system for your company…

Whitepaper: Advanced mycotoxin testing system

1 June 2012 | By ToxiMet

The analytical resource, expertise, cost and time that is invested into the mycotoxin testing of foods is enormous. The ToxiMet system is a simple, affordable, rugged and reliable system that can accurately and rapidly measure mycotoxin levels at every step in the supply chain without the need of a highly…

Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance

4 July 2011 | By

Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance develops and manufactures cost-effective instrumentation for industrial quality control and research based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology.