Application Note: Foreign body investigations

Posted: 6 December 2017 | | No comments yet

Foreign bodies are one of the biggest problems for food manufacturers. Thousands of tonnes of food production can be lost when a foreign body is discovered, and the cost of a recall – if deemed necessary – can run into millions. Roger Angold, RSSL Microscopy Laboratory, explains…

An accurate identification of the contaminant, and its most likely source, is vital in helping to solve the immediate problem, deciding the best response and preventing an expensive and damaging recurrence. Most food and drink manufacturers will understand the potential damage that a foreign body incident can cause to the reputation of a food business, not to mention the potential harm to the customer if ingested.

Every foreign body incident is worthy of investigation, because foreign bodies are not always what they seem. What looks like glass or metal to a consumer may prove to be something else entirely. Only a thorough investigation can determine the identity of the contaminant and whether this is a one-off incident, or perhaps indicative of a serious problem in a manufacturer’s processes or procedures.

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