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Show preview: Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition 2013

26 April 2013 | By Helen Bahia

This year’s Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition takes place against a tough backdrop for the industry. Manufacturing output fell by three per cent in the year to March 2013, according to the Office for National Statistics. On top of that, the manufacturing industry is suffering a degree of collateral damage…

Flavours: When performance and packaging are no longer compatible

26 April 2013 | By Martina Lapierre, Flavour Technologist, PepsiCo

“The sensory threshold for difference detection can be considered to occur when there is a 30 per cent decrease in the concentration of a flavourant”. Flavourings are concentrated aroma chemical systems used in food and beverage formulations and as such are important in the provision of aroma and taste. Their…

Plastic packaging for fish and seafood

6 November 2012 | By Kata Galić, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

In the past few decades, there has been a significant increase in the amount of plastics being used in food packaging applications. This is because plastics bring in enormous advantages, such as thermosealability, flexibility in thermal and mechanical properties, permit integrated processes (i.e. plastic packages can be formed, filled and…

A perspective on labelling and consumer understanding

5 September 2012 | By Grethe Humbert, Dominique Taeymans, Gupta Himanshu and Philippe Pittet, Nestlé

This article presents a perspective on food additives, how consumers understand them and their labelling. It also highlights the evolution of consumer information obligations and expectations in the light of new EU Regulations. There are likely to be many reasons why con - sumers consult food labels and the reasons…

Packaging & Automation Supplement 2012

5 July 2012 | By Louis Lindenberg, Wayne Daley

Focusing on packaging: the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (Louis Lindenberg, Global Packaging Sustainability Director, Unilever)Next generation automation systems for food production (Wayne Daley, Principal Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute)

LCMS as a reliable tool for monitoring food allergens contamination

1 May 2012 | By Linda Monaci, National Research Council of Italy (ISPA-CNR)

Food allergen research has considerably expanded its field of interest in recent years probably due to the increasing incidence of food allergies throughout the population. According to the last legislation issued on this issue, there is a current trend to develop reliable methods tailored to the detection of food allergens…

Beverage Supplement 2011

5 January 2012 | By Jos Oostendorp, Packaging Specialist, Royal Grolsch Brewery / Josef Kerler and Luigi Poisson, Aroma and Taste Modulation Group, Nestlé Product Technology Centre / Jim Wilson, Director Product Commercialisation, Coca-Cola Refreshments

Has the role of packaging changed? (Jos Oostendorp, Packaging Specialist, Royal Grolsch Brewery)Understanding coffee aroma for new product development (Josef Kerler and Luigi Poisson, Aroma and Taste Modulation Group, Nestlé Product Technology Centre)Taking a closer look at soft drink processing (Jim Wilson, Director Product Commercialisation, Coca-Cola Refreshments)

The right side of the law

4 January 2012 | By John Hammond, Head of Information & Legislation, Campden BRI

Food legislation is highly complex and impacts on all aspects of the food industry from production, packaging to distribution and marketing. Food laws are a vital element in industrialised and developing countries alike, ensuring the food that consumers purchase and eat is safe and has been marketed honestly. It is…

Methods to evaulate packaging performance

13 May 2011 | By Emma Hanby, Innovation Advisor, Campden BRI

Food packaging is core to managing the delivery of innovative, safe products to the consumer. The consumer has an increasing awareness of the impact of packaging on the environment. With the advent of the Courtauld Commitment to reduce the amount of packaging materials being sent to landfill, an increasing number…

The quality and safety of flexible packaging materials

13 May 2011 | By Kata Galić, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

Food contact materials (FCMs) comprise a broad and complex area, using many different types of materials and articles, as well as many different chemical substances such as additives in the materials and articles. The intent of packaging is to maintain its function of protecting the integrity, quality, freshness and safety…

Bottling operations

13 May 2011 | By Gareth Godley, Bottling Team Leader, MolsonCoors Brewing Company

As a nation, the way in which we enjoy alcoholic beverages is changing. We drink more at home, when we eat we favour wine and with the current squeeze on disposable income, we are putting more emphasis on low prices in our purchasing decisions. Traditional pubs are closing at an…

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