Episode 43: Living with food allergies – Part Two

Posted: 18 August 2023 | | No comments yet

In part two of our allergens podcast series, Josh and Grace talk to Liljia Polo-Richards about how her business Allergy Companions Ltd supports those living with food hypersensitivity, as well as why she thinks “may contain” warnings are a “cop-out” when it comes to allergen signposting.

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In part two of New Food’s “Living with food allergies” allergen podcast special, Josh and Grace sit down with Liljia Polo-Richards, Director and Founder of Allergy Companions Limited, to discuss the inspiration behind starting a business that helps consumers find restaurants that are “allergy friendly”.

Not having food hypersensitivity herself, Polo-Richards explains how her young son’s food allergies have changed her outlook on food safety, while also delving into why she thinks education plays a key role in the confidence of hospitality staff when serving those with food hypersensitivity.

Why food allergies should be seen as a business opportunity, not a threat

Polo-Richards also sparks discussion on vegan menus being offered to those with food allergies at restaurants and whether “may contain” statements are a “cop-out” from from the hospitality sector.

To listen to part one of the “Living with food allergies” podcast, click here.

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