Episode 23 – Wonky veg

Posted: 5 April 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food team get the lowdown on wonky veg and try to understand why consumers do or do not opt for produce that looks a bit different.

Bethan, Josh, and Abi show some love to those vegetable that don’t quite fit in with the others as they discuss the merits of wonky veg. 

We hear from Phil Saneski of Farming Hope and Hollie Starkey, from Wonky Veg Boxes, as we try to identify the reasons consumers do or do not purchase wonky veg, as well as learn what the food industry should be doing to reduce the amount of fruit and vegetables wasted each year. 

Plus, we take to the streets of London to offer passers-by a carrot-shaped ultimatum – all that and more in this edition of Food to Go.

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