Lidl GB enters partnership with WWF

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Partnering with WWF, Lidl GB becomes the first discount supermarket to commit to halving the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket.


Lidl GB has announced that it has partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), becoming the first discount supermarket to sign up for WWF’s Retailers’ Commitment for Nature.

Other supermarkets in the UK that have already signed up for the scheme include Co-op, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Lidl GB has said that, now, 60 percent of the UK food retail market has aligned to WWF’s target to halve environmental impact of UK shopping baskets by 2030.

Labelling the scheme as an “essential step” for food security, WWF’s Basket ambition also involves working on the impact of food on climate and nature.

The seven key areas of focus for the project include: climate, deforestation and conversion of habitat, agricultural production, marine, diets, food waste and packaging.

“Our food system is placing an unbearable toll on the planet: it’s driving climate chaos and fuelling the destruction of nature in the UK and overseas, undermining our resilience and putting our future at risk,” said Tanya Steele, Chief Executive at WWF.

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“Tackling the food system’s excessive environmental impact, while continuing to produce healthy and affordable food, is a huge challenge. But driving change from farm to fork and across supply chains that span the globe is an essential step for our food security.”

Explaining that WWF needs to see a “a clear focus on delivery”, Steele highlighted that “success will require all hands on deck”, with the non-governmental organisation urging all UK retailers to “step up and commit to the WWF Basket target and accelerate action year on year”. 

Also commenting on the partnership, Ryan McDonnell, CEO at Lidl GB said: “As the first UK discounter to work with WWF on this, we’re continuing to demonstrate that affordability and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

“We firmly believe it is our responsibility, through innovation, investment, and active leadership, to build a better future – for our business, our agri-suppliers, the people we interact with and our planet.”

“By signing up to the WWF’s Retailers’ Commitment for Nature, we are joining an important movement to make the UK food system more sustainable and build on the momentum of existing initiatives we have in place,” concluded McDonnell.

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