60 Second News – 11 February 2022

Posted: 11 February 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team give you your rapid food and beverage update in just 60 seconds.

New data has revealed the scale of the UK’s food insecurity problem. The statistics released by The Food Foundation suggest 4.7 million adults in the UK have experienced food insecurity in the last month, with one million adults reported that they or someone in their household has had to go a whole day without eating because they couldn’t afford or access food.

Singer songwriter Sia has invested in Bond Pet Foods, a brand that uses cultured meat in its products instead of animal meat. The artist wrote about her love of animals and her decision to invest in the vegetarian pet food industry in an article she wrote for Fortune this week.

And finally, supermarket giant Tesco has announced plans to open a store dedicated to healthy food only in the UK. Tesco said it welcomes the UK Government’s focus on obesity and aims to contribute towards tackling the problem.