Food Analysis In-Depth Focus

Posted: 23 October 2017 | | 1 comment

In this In-Depth Focus: the need for a change in food quality testing, how unstable supply chains increase the risk of food contamination and much more…

New Food issue 5 Food Analysis In-Depth Focus
  • Applying external quality control in food testing labs
    Mark Sykes, Scientific Advisor to Proficiency Testing at Fera Science
  • The EU’s new smartphone
    Michel Nielen, principal scientist at RIKILT, Michele Suman, Head of Food Chemistry and Safety Research, Barilla Spa company.
  • Food Fraud: Are you insured?
    Alison Johnson, Managing Director, Food Forensics
  • The perils of detecting pathogenic bacteria in foods
    Andrew Hudson, New Food advisory board member and Fellow of the Institute of Food Science

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