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Ocean Optics



Video: Applications in Focus – Food Integrity

25 February 2016 | By Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics discuss applications of miniature, modular reflectance spectroscopy for Food Integrity using a dual channel Vis-NIR system including the new ultra-compact Flame-NIR spectrometer...


Backscatter Analysis in Cheese Production

13 January 2015 | By

Scientists and food researchers have created a device that allows users to monitor the intricacies of cheese production. Using data collected while measuring backscattering of cheese using an Ocean Optics spectrometer and light source, the researchers have developed algorithms to predict the optimal cutting time, fermentation endpoint, whey fat losses,…


15th Anniversary Supplement

8 November 2012 | By Albert Zwijgers / Lilia Ahrné / Petra Wissenburg / Supriya Varma

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