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Whitepapers & Application Notes

Application Note: Five Steps to Maximize Metal Detector Performance

10 June 2019 | By

Most food processors require a metal detector to comply with food safety standards and ensure complete product safety and quality. Although your metal detector may be ‘ticking all of the boxes’, if it’s not working to the optimum sensitivity specification, then metal contamination could be passing through your production line,…

The Quality Monitoring Tool for Every Brewer’s Tool Kit

4 April 2019 | By

Anecdotes from craft brewing booms of the past (c.1997) identify poor quality as a root problem leading to market contraction. While overall quality is shaped by a bevy of factors (ingredients, process, tools, and sheer artistry of the brewmaster), one common element of outstanding craft brewers who survived the bust…

RiboPrinter® pulls Antarctica duty, helps find new antibiotic-resistant bacteria

3 April 2019 | By

Environmental stresses like cold weather are known to induce antibiotic resistance in bacteria, as the pathogens mutate to react to any and all things potentially harmful to them. Recently, a Czech Republic research team in Antarctica used the RiboPrinter® molecular characterization system to discover a new species of Staphylococcus, one…

Two complementary rapid hygiene tests improves efficiency

3 April 2019 | By

A leading UK cosmetics company develops, manufactures and fills bath and body care, hair care, skin care, aromatherapy, sun protection and sunless tanning products. For manufacturing efficiency, production stoppages have to be kept to a minimum, and high standards of hygiene of manufacturing equipment need to be maintained.

Application note: Aroma in High Fat Foods by Thin Film(TF)-SPME-TD-GC/MS

4 March 2019 | By

Food product flavours are routinely monitored for quality, authenticity, and safety. Analysis may also be necessary due to off flavour or odour complaints. Aroma and flavour profiles are unique and consist of a large number of compounds spanning a wide range of concentrations, polarities, and functional groups and complicating the…

Gut bacteria influences our health from birth onwards

20 February 2019 | By

How the microbiome develops during childhood has repercussions for the rest of our lives. It influences our risk of developing allergies, intestinal illnesses and becoming overweight. Nutrition plays an important role from the outset. Polysaccharides in breast milk – human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) – can promote a healthy intestinal flora.