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Cue cards on Kjeldahl method development

Posted: 18 August 2021 | | No comments yet

19 cards on the Kjeldahl method for protein determination. Overview of sample preparation, digestion, distillation, titration and final calculations.

Take advantage of our free cue cards on how to optimize the Kjeldahl process for nitrogen and protein determination in food samples. Find valuable information and tips and tricks for each step of the Kjeldahl process. The cards cover topics such as:

  • Sample preparation – including reagent amounts, mincing, homogenization, and drying tips
  • Digestion – including carbonization, comparison of block and IR digestion, acid mixtures, and catalysts
  • Distillation – including typical process parameters
  • Titration – including process parameters, potentiometric vs colorimetric titration, and boric acid vs back titration
  • Calculations for nitrogen and protein content determination

Bonus: Two cards on how to use steam distillation for the determination of volatile acids and alcohol content in beverages.

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