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Whitepaper: Cutting fat and doubling cooking capacity in dairy based sauces with Steam Infusion

Posted: 18 September 2017 | | No comments yet

Learn why food manufacturers are switching from direct Steam Injection to Steam Infusion…

Meeting consumers’ demands for convenient, healthy and indulgent food products is a constant challenge for retailers and food manufacturers. With governments from all over the world challenging food manufacturers to decrease levels of fat, salt and sugar in products, new processes present alternatives to reformulation.

The Steam Infusion Vaction™ technology is a disruptive device that sits within a cooking vessel and uses steam as the motive force to uniquely heat and mix food products. The University of Lincoln has researched the patented Vaction™ cooking technology under an Innovate UK funded project to scientifically identify the product development and operational opportunities of the technology.

This White Paper explains how the unique processing environment generated by the Steam Infusion Vaction™ technology can help food manufacturers cook dairy based sauces more effectively and answers the following questions:

From a product perspective:

  • How can Steam Infusion reduce fat in my product by up to 20%?
  • Will this impact my product traffic lights?
  • Can I stop burn-on or Maillard reactions happening?
  • Will Steam Infusion change my product colour?
  • How does the process lead to a creamier mouthfeel and more indulgent flavour?

From a cost and operational perspective:

  • How will Steam Infusion reduce my ingredient costs?
  • What impact does no burn-on have on cleaning times?
  • How can Steam Infusion double my sauce capacity?
  • Is the technology easier for operators and does it reduce downtime?
  • Why Steam Infusion can reduce energy consumption by up to 18%?
  • Why manufacturers are switching from Steam Injection to Steam Infusion?

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