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New Food Issue 1 2024

4 June 2024 | By

In the first 2024 print issue of New Food, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: the latest advancements and campaigns that are impacting the food safety sector; the importance of quality ingredients that offer the consumer the best possible eating experience, without compromising in…


Innovative strategies for product development and portfolio management


Effective portfolio management is crucial for any business, encompassing both internal strategies and external factors. Internally, it involves the meticulous evaluation and adaptation of existing products within the portfolio. For instance, consider a meal company aiming to cater to the growing demand for vegan options.


eBook: The Field Guide to Food Powder Characterization

12 July 2023 | By

Discover the key to unlocking your food manufacturing potential with our new eBook, The Field Guide to Food Powder Characterization. Gain insights into particle size analysis, laser diffraction techniques, and additive influences to optimise product quality and reduce costs.


The best of alcohol, but without the headache

5 April 2023 | By

The brainchild of successful food industry entrepreneurs Mark Gould and Mike Bagshaw, Citizen Spritz was born from the desire to moderate their own alcohol intake. Here, Co-founder and owner of I.T.S International Taste Solutions Mike Bagshaw divulges more on the brand’s genesis and highlights what sets them apart in the…