Episode 27 – Ethical supply chains

Posted: 13 July 2022 | | No comments yet

The New Food editorial team are talking ethics in this week’s episode, as they speak to Paul Williams of Princes Group to find out how the manufacturer is keeping its supply chains ethical.

Alongside sustainability, one of the other major concerns that consumers have when it comes to buying their food is how ethical the supply chains of the products in front of them are. 

It’s an issue which has been thrust into the limelight in recent years – consumers now rightly demand that their favourite products are sourced sustainably, and that everyone involved in the manufacturing process has been treated properly and fairly.

To learn more about how food manufacturers and retailers are grappling with this issue and ensuring their supply chains are ethical, Bethan and Josh spoke to Paul Williams, Head of Ethical Trading and Human Rights at Princes Group. 

Paul explained the scale of the challenges Princes and other major food and beverage manufacturers are facing, and revealed the innovative solutions his firm is taking to ensure its products are created with the highest ethical standards. 

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