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Clean Label Project



What is natural food?

17 October 2022 | By

Natural is an increasingly sought-after characteristic yet incredibly difficult to define in the food industry. So then, what exactly constitutes natural food? New Food’s Grace Galler investigates…


Ingredients – pet food, CBD and infant formula

13 April 2022 | By

April 2022's Ingredients In-depth Focus explores the most common ways contaminants are finding their way into baby milk, a look into the humanisation pet food trend, and one expert's insights into the trials and tribulations of being of UK CBD business.


An interview with a Master Sommelier

5 November 2020 | By

New Food Advisory Board member, Jaclyn Bowen, speaks to Brett Zimmerman, a Master Sommelier, about his efforts to champion diversity and sustainability in alcoholic beverage production, and the trends he’s witnessing in the wake of Covid.


Testing positive for THC from CBD

25 November 2019 | By

Consumers are testing positive for THC as part of their employment drug screens after consuming CBD products. Here, Jaclyn Bowen looks into the matter and explains how brands can avoid future cases.