Unlock the future of food at Food Integrity Global 2024

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Learn more about some of the leading sessions that are due to take place on Day Two of New Food’s flagship event, Food Integrity Global – including panels on food safety, food insecurity and clean label – as well as the latest speakers that will be joining us on stage to explore the most significant advancements, challenges and innovations from across the industry, and make sure to join us in Amsterdam from 10 September to 11 September 2024.

Unlock the future of food at Food Integrity Global 2024

With two months to go until Food Integrity Global 2024, all of the team at New Food can hardly contain our excitement for everything that we have planned for you over the course of the two days.

With engaging keynotes, insightful panel sessions, eye-opening case studies and thought-provoking fireside chats all set to cover the latest advancements, challenges and innovations from across the industry, this event is not one to be missed!

So, make sure to book your ticket now and join us at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Amsterdam from 10 September to 11 September 2024 to avoid missing out on learning from some of the most prominent minds and key thought leaders in food and beverage.

Sessions that aren’t to be missed: Day Two

No two event sessions are ever alike, and our agenda is filled with opportunities for leading industry minds to share their insight and expertise on some of the biggest challenges that are currently facing the food and beverage sector. 

Food safety

Food safety is a running theme throughout Food Integrity Global 2024, and we have a fantastic collection of speakers joining us to share their thoughts and experiences on such a prominent issue.

In the dynamic F&B sector, the term ‘food safety culture’ is frequently used, but its practical implementation remains somewhat of a puzzle. During our ‘Defining food safety culture’ panel, some of the biggest food safety minds – including Jorge Hernandez, Quality Assurance VP at the Wendy’s Company – will unravel the concept and guide F&B manufacturers and retailers on effective strategies for integration. By hosting this session, we are aiming to equip you with actionable insights to foster a culture of food safety, rather than just talking about it. 

Then, why not join us for our concluding roundtable, where panellists will debate the big question: how do we get better at harmonising food safety standards? While stringent standards are vital for a secure food system, the variability of regulations across countries poses challenges. During this session, industry leaders such as Steven Mandernach, Executive Director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials, will delve into the complexities surrounding harmonising food safety measures globally, considering the diverse socio-economic landscapes. Attendees will gain insights into the potential advantages and pitfalls of creating a unified framework, ultimately aiming for a comprehensive understanding of the path towards a secure and standardised global food system. 

Food insecurity

Figures from the United Nations (UN), the world population is projected to reach 8.5 billion in 2030, and to increase further to 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion by 2100. But, with between 691 and 783 million people having faced hunger in 2022 (according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the food industry must adapt quickly and effectively in order to support the fight against food insecurity.

During our ‘How do we feed a growing population?’ panel session, leading experts will consider how the industry must adapt in order to not only be able to feed a continuously growing population, but also how to do so in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. During this session, attendees will hear about the challenges of delivering a steady food supply that accommodates all and learn from prominent food leaders about what is being done to achieve this goal.

Clean label

According to the World Food Programme, one-fifth of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally each year, amounting to one billion meals wasted per day. The reasons for this a myriad, but is the food industry itself contributing to this issue? During our ‘Clean label: A trojan horse for food waste?’ panel session, prominent industry thought leaders from the Kerry Group, Fairtrade Original and the Clean Label Project will ask themselves: as consumers demand manufacturers shift to clean labels in their products, do we run the risk of creating more food waste, as key preservatives are omitted? How do we communicate the science of ingredients to consumers in a more effective way?

And plenty more!

This is, of course, not all that Day Two of our agenda has to offer. Honourable mentions also go to our ‘Deforestation legislation: What does it mean for food?’, ‘Navigating the new frontier in food delivery and safety’ and ‘Are we underestimating the future impact of PFAS?’ sessions, which will take the opportunity to delve deeper into the key issues of the ripple effects of deforestation legislation on industry practices; the innovative solutions and best practices that are ensuring safe, reliable and efficient food delivery in an evolving market; and the challenge of tackling the presence of PFAS in food sources.

Interested in finding out more? Click here to view our agenda and learn more about what you can expect during Day Two of our event. 

Our latest speakers

Whilst I have already highlighted some of our fantastic collection of speakers – including leading representatives from the Wendy’s Company, the Association of Food and Drug Officials and Kerry Group – we can’t wait to share with you some more of the other prominent industry minds that will be joining us on stage at Food Integrity Global 2024 soon.

In addition, we are honoured to have Professor Chris Elliott, President of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, join us for our opening keynote on Day Two, where he will address the critical issue of food sovereignty, emphasising strategies for nations to bolster their food security. This insightful talk will explore how countries can build resilience against the backdrop of dwindling resources and increasing global demands. It will also probe into the future of international trade policies in the context of food scarcity, questioning if a more protective stance is imminent.

Join us in Amsterdam

The only way that we can progress is by learning from others – whether that be their successes or their struggles. That is what makes events like Food Integrity Global so vital, as it offers all those across the food and beverage industry the opportunity to come together to share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge and insight with one another; and, ultimately, shape the future of the industry. 

Secure your place now to make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to knowledge share, gain exclusive insight, network with peers new and old, and learn more about the industry’s most advanced solutions.

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