Ingredients – pet food, CBD and infant formula

April 2022’s Ingredients In-depth Focus explores the most common ways contaminants are finding their way into baby milk, a look into the humanisation pet food trend, and one expert’s insights into the trials and tribulations of being of UK CBD business.

In this edition of our Ingredients In-depth Focus, we explore why are pets are more likely to be embracing entomophagy than humans; an entrepreneur’s thoughts on CBD regulation and operating such a business in the UK; as well as the most likely ways contaminants will make their way into infant formula. 

  • Percuro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Iwan Tamm, examines the plant- and insect-based sector drives and why the pet market is taking the lead
  • New Food finds out about the challenges of operating a CBD business from Drops of Heal CBD’s Founder, Georgie Abbott
  • And Jaclyn Bowen discusses some of the most common ways contaminants can – and have – made their way into baby milk.