Supermarket to showcase innovative, natural food options

Posted: 27 June 2019 | | No comments yet

As part of Sainsbury’s ‘Future Brands’ initiative, the supermarket is providing a platform for new, innovate and natural foods.

Sainsbury’s ‘Future Brands’ initiative is now underway with the first 12 brands now being showcased in the supermarket’s ‘Taste of the Future’ bay. 

This is part of Sainbury’s initiative to give some pioneering brands the ideal environment to showcase their game-changing food visions.

“At Sainsbury’s we want to offer our customers the most innovative and interesting products around,” said Rachel Eyre, Head of Future Brands at Sainsbury’s. “Having been in business for 150 years, we are always looking to the future and thinking about what will be next on the nation’s shopping lists. We’re dedicated to helping our customers test and trial new innovations in the grocery space, and can’t wait to hear what they think of these options.”

The ‘Taste of the Future’ bay will feature an eclectic huddle of intriguing food and drink brands, including five game-changing snacks, and can be found in 69 of the supermarket’s most influential stores, 

The snacks on offer consist of a variety of low-sugar and natural options, including snacks with high nutritional values and low calories. The companies behind these snacks have specifically concentrated on creating innovative, healthy snack options without compromising on taste and one company will even be donating ten percent of their profits to environmental causes.