Too Good To Go saves over 100 million meals from being wasted

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Food redistribution company Too Good To Go is celebrating saving over 100 million meals from going to waste in twelve months.

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In the last year alone, food redistribution company Too Good To Go has saved over 100 million meals from going to waste in the UK.

Published in its 2023 impact report, the company has claimed that it has redistributed a total of 121,686,720 meals.

Compared to previous years, Too Good To Go rescued 46 percent more meals than it did in 2022. In fact, back in 2023 the company’s has stated that it’s commitments resulted in avoiding 328,554 tonnes of CO2e from entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and nearly 100 billion litres of unnecessary water use. 

“As we launch our 2023 Impact Report, we celebrate not just our company’s growth, but our steadfast commitment to fostering positive change,” commented Mette Lykke, CEO of Too Good To Go.

 “We offer a concept that helps to solve one of the world’s biggest problems, and everyone wins. Every meal we help to save is a step closer towards a healthier planet. Breaking the significant milestone of saving 100 million meals from going to waste in just a single year shows how, now more than ever, Too Good To Go is serving a need in the market for sustainable solutions to help slow climate change.

To Good To Go works by allowing food businesses to post to its app, allowing consumers to purchase ‘surprise bags’ filled with items that would have otherwise gone to waste.

According to the World Food Programme, around one third of all food around the world goes to waste, that’s the equivalent of 1.3 billion tonnes. However, with the work done by Too Good To Go, Brits can help to tackle this global problem.

And the company seems to be growing, as in the last 12 months, it has added a reported 21 million new registered users and 72,000 new active stores to its app. In light of its expansion, the company has been investing in new products that it claims can “help save even more food from going to waste via its marketplace app”. In fact, in 2023, Too Good To Go Parcels and the Too Good To Go Platform was launched, something it says reaches “deeper into the food supply chain to help drive the industry closer to zero waste”.

Since launching in 2016, Too Good To Go’s mission has allowed more than 300 million meals to be saved from going to waste, the equivalent to avoiding 810,000 tonnes of CO2e, 243 billion litres of water use and 840 million m2 of land use per annum. 

“Our company’s growth is evidence that merging purpose and profit is achievable, and social impact companies can positively benefit society, the economy, and the planet, all at the same time,” concluded Lykke.


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