TurtleTree earns first of its kind vegan certification

Posted: 15 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Vegan Action has certified TurtleTree’s animal-free sustainable lactoferrin, LF+ making it the first precision fermentation dairy company globally to obtain vegan certification.


Turtle Tree has been awarded an official vegan certification for its animal-free sustainable lactoferrin, LF+ by Vegan Action, a vegan certification provider in the US.

This update makes TurtleTree the first precision fermentation dairy company in the world to obtain vegan certification, as well as the first to receive the Certified Vegan logo in the 24 years it’s been administered.

Commenting on the certification, TurtleTree’s CEO and Co-Founder, Fengru Lin, shared: “With this certification, we are putting words into action and allowing that action to be validated by a third party. We want to build a food system that is sustainable and enables animals to live happier and healthier lives.

“As conscious consumers increasingly prioritise ethical choices, we aim to provide food and beverage brands with the unwavering confidence that our products align seamlessly with those evolving values.”

The company has highlighted that although most precision fermentation products do not involve animal products or byproducts, their bioidentical nature and the origins of the genetic codes required in production can make interpretations complex, particularly when adhering to vegan standards originally designed for plant-based products.

In addition, extensive food safety testing is often needed for regulatory approval, with some companies choosing to opt for quicker, cheaper animal studies, however these preclude their products from obtaining vegan certification.

“This is a hot-button issue and potentially the reason most precision fermentation companies haven’t pursued official certification, despite stating they are vegan and animal-free,” claimed TurtleTree.

By 2031, the global vegan food market has been projected to reach $36 billion by 2031. Across the globe, there are currently 79 million vegans, according to Redefine Meat, a number that has grown significantly in recent years.

“We were thrilled to get TurtleTree’s product Vegan Certified because of the clear benchmark this sets for the rest of the industry. TurtleTree’s dedication to ethical practices and transparency is commendable and will undoubtedly inspire other precision fermentation companies,” said Krissi Vandenberg, Director of Vegan Action.

“This certification demonstrates the tangible steps companies can take to validate and communicate their values to customers, underlining a collective commitment to ethical standards,” continued Vandenberg.

TurtleTree will now be selling its LF+ product with the certified vegan logo on its packaging.

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