Macadamias may be the answer health-conscious consumers seek

Posted: 28 March 2022 | | No comments yet

Research by Australian Macadamias finds that macadamia nuts “tick a lot of boxes” when it comes to what consumers want to eat.


Research carried out by the Australian Macadamia Society (Australian Macadamias) – one of the world’s biggest producers of macadamia nuts – has found that the majority of consumers are seeking food items that deliver ‘healthy fats’ just like the ones it states can be found in macadamia nuts.

The research consisted of answers from more than 6000 consumers globally, and revealed that consumers expect a wide range of benefits from food and ingredients, including both emotional and functional needs. 

“There was a time when consumers were advised to avoid fat at all costs, and of course we now know that healthy fats offer up some very compelling health benefits,” said Australian Macadamias market development manager Jacqui Price. “This research revealed how clearly consumers understand this and it’s become something they actively seek out when making food purchase decisions.”

Price pointed out that the uptake of macadamias as an ingredient has been strong across several categories including ice cream, chocolate confectionery, bakery and non-dairy milks. But with consumers embracing their health and wellbeing more than ever, and many recognising the health benefits of macadamias, she said there is still “plenty of untapped potential”.

“Our research showed 62 percent of consumers globally associate macadamias with feeling fuller for longer and 59 percent see macadamias as helping to promote heart health and reduce heart disease risk thanks to their high healthy fat content. These benefits are important to consumers, so we’re keen to challenge food brands to leverage this by being even more innovative with macadamias,” she said.

“We’d love to see more brands pushing the envelope in terms of what’s possible with macadamias to meet rising consumer demand for health-enhancing, satisfying and great-tasting products. Research tells us every time a consumer enjoys a macadamia, they’re doing their body, mind, and mood a whole lot of good,” she concluded.

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